Our biggest news yet!! - We have purchased land near by to build our own school.
Thanks to Deanne's fund raising events we have been able to save enough money to buy some land. But we still have a long way to go.
We now need to raise funds for the building, one method we have been using is to ask for donations to buy bricks. Every brick is 50p or D30 and so far we have raised D35,000. We have also had pledges of £1000 and €15000 from donors. We estimate the first phase of the project will cost £30,000 to build the nursery school. Phase 2 is to build second story to extend the school to primary level
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We believe every child has an equal right to Education and deserves Good Health Care and Food!

The Jofi Prep School offers approximately 80 children of Infant School age the opportunity to receive both an education and sustenance . A visit to the school reveals a group of happy, focused youngsters revelling in the opportunity to learn. Here they are taught, in English - obviously a foreign language to them - basic maths and various other subjects by local teachers and have the chance to integrate in an ordered but relaxed atmosphere, albeit that the school operates on an exceptionally limited budget.

It is immediately obvious on visiting that what is the norm for most of us is worlds apart from the hopes and expectations of these children and it is indeed a very sobering, emotional yet uplifting experience.
One is left with the feeling that if ever there was a cause worth supporting, this must be it.

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